dave's bookshelf

the bookshelf has become legendary, as in a legend, as in people wonder if it's real (it's been so long in the making).  well, here it is!

the inspiration came from a japanese coffee shop, so it was first sketched out last august (!)  dave and his father began physical preparations in october.  dave's father has a fully equipped workshop in his basement, and he really wouldn't have been able to build this massive shelf without his dad's expertise.

there will be additional shelves in the future, but i am enjoying the open space for now.  i am really proud of dave for his successful first woodworking project!

before - just a lonely wall

it is sandwiched by two doors (front door and dave's office).
looking towards dave's office

he matched the new crown molding to the (chipped) 100 year old original molding.

update: the shelves are done!

so much storage!
bowl for mail


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