grandma jo

grandma jo called this morning (a rarity) to make sure i am safe, as she keeps seeing new england getting pummeled with winter storms.  she lives in springfield, ohio, where they just had a bad storm of ice and snow.  her shovel guy wouldn't be able to come over because the icy conditions.  she was cheerful (as always) and didn't mind being "trapped in an igloo", as she has plenty of food and books.  she always sees the positive side of life, just like my mom.

in her honor, i made an egg salad sandwich for lunch.  grandma jo used to always make me egg salad, as i was a strange little vegetarian (she told me recently she always thought i'd "outgrow" it: nope, it's 24 years later).  to be truly g. jo style, it'd be served with crispy potato chips (yum), but the snow made me make do with almonds, oranges, and candied ginger.  grandma jo is the queen of "make do".  she lives a lavish lifestyle on little.  what an inspiration :)   


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