my photo albums are growing up

so, i love photos.  i was a bit of a hoarder for awhile.  every picture i took would be put in a big photo album.  i had one filled for every year of my life.

for too many years now, many of these albums were kept in my parents' warehouse, attic, or back room.  i have wanted to have my favorites with me, but the bulky volume of the whole set would take over our condo.

over christmas, dave and i drove back home to northern kentucky.  i brought the big ol' set back to boston, with plans to consolidate and only keep the gems.  over the past month, i have been sorting and purging and narrowing it down to favorites. 

new albums in the back: high school, college, and post-college
inside cover of an old album (one of a dozen or so)

sarah b. in art class; explorer's meeting

jasper on the y bridge in zanesville

nicole, a bff since age three, r.i.p.

ma and pa overlooking cincinnati; jasper and me

crazy girls
such a beautiful spring day


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