not a snow day: red beans and rice

sometimes i come home from work tired and not in the mood to cook.  i ate some almonds, but dave doesn't consider that dinner (i'd pick like a bird if i lived alone).  i was just going to warm up some soup and serve it over jasmine rice, but i got inspired and made an old-school sarah meal. 

photo album project overtaking half the dining room table

dave approved - never picky, always the enthusiastic eater <3

for dad, here is the recipe ;)

red beans and rice:

-rinse and cook rice
-carmelize some onions
-add chopped green pepper
-add drained red beans
-add every spice that looks good (fresh garlic, salt, fresh pepper, cumin, chili, etc. etc.)
-add cooked rice
-taste and add according to need (i added red wine, tomato sauce, and orange juice)
-serve with plain yogurt


  1. Sarah: I finally figured out how to get to your blog, I just go to mine and there is a link to yours. We will try the recipe. Father

  2. I'm working on the "how" as well! I am currently signed in through gmail and twitter and I am not sure how I will get here again. I am motivated to keep trying, though! :) Nice red beans & rice recipe!


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