kitchen plans

i've been dreaming of the day that the kitchen would be renewed...  well, the month is here!  my dad is coming out to cut a window in the wall between the kitchen and dining room, and because one thing leads to another, it spiraled into replacing the cabinets.  i've been planning kitchen projects in high gear.   i love to cook and am really looking forward to the increased functionality (as well as aesthetics!).
hand-drawn because i don't trust the online planners

the opening will go approximately where the mirror is.

this black-hole-of-a-space kicked off the snowball effect that is replacing the bulk of the cabinets.


  1. it's so exciting to know where all kinds of stuff will be... cutting boards, pots and pans... but i will have to root around to find the silverware! :)

    your plan looks so great!


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