this is my 200th posting.
the name sake of my blog, "cafe and dish", is a little cafe in kyoto: http://cafedish.blogspot.com/2010/08/inspiration.html  i wanted to stay true to the magic of this adorable little cafe, with the waitress that had the quirky, shy sweetness of amelie and its delicious treats and its zest for life.

cafe dish, kyoto
its cute book display
at cafe dish, kyoto
..and in the end it is more.  i really have grown to love sharing with you readers: my family and friends.

my mom says it helps her feel close to me while she's in kentucky and i'm in massachusetts.  it helps me to stay connected and share little bits and pieces of my life and the things i make.  as a piece of junk mail wisely proclaimed today, "the impulse to create is part of what makes us human, happy and whole" (the eliot school).

thank you for sharing in my humble creations.  it makes me feel more human, happy, and whole.
today was a beautiful day


  1. Wow. Right back at you, Sarah. What you share makes me really happy, too.


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