roasted veggies and orzo

how have i never shared this recipe?  i've served it several times when we've had company, as you can put the trays in the oven as company arrives, and the root veggies roast away as you have some wine and snacks.  it's fine if people are late or early. plus the oven warms up the house in the winter and fills the air with garlic-y goodness.  it tastes better than it looks with lemony orzo and goat cheese.

we had old friends of dave over for dinner last night, and i managed to snap a quick photo.  maybe that is why there has never been a post of this dish, i'm always having too much fun with company to photograph it well.

adapted from this recipe.


  1. Just got around to catching up on your blog and wanted to say again how much I enjoyed this dish (& your blog)!!! It was super tasty, very satisfying and pretty healthy to boot!! Hope we can repay the favor soon!!

  2. Thanks, Joe! Let's make plans to meet up in Somerville or Cambridge soon!


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