happy father's day!

i have the best dad in the world.  he is really intelligent, resourceful, and hilarious.

he is also really hard to get gifts for.  you can't just buy him things.  you have to scavenge things.  like bricks.  dave and i found it in a parking lot on a busy street, and i don't think it's one my dad already has.  i made dave run and get it, as i was afraid of getting caught.


  1. Ha ha ha! That's so funny you had Dave run to get the brick! I thought it would be opposite: people are less likely to bother a girl about what she's doing than a man. For example, imagine a man by himself driving slowly in a neighborhood, looking at houses. Creepy pedophile! Then, imagine a couple in a car, loitering outside of fancy homes in an affluent neighborhood. The cops would get called for the guy, but people'd think the couple was just looking for a new home. Maybe. :)


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