welcome "summer"!

june 2nd has been marked on my calendar for months - the first local farmer's market of 2012.

it was a cold, wet saturday, but we braved the downpour for local kale, greens, radishes, and other new england specialties.

 i celebrated the first farmer's market by making a spicy salad:

i combined fresh, spicy greens, baby spinach, hardboiled egg, radishes, avocado, and tomatoes and topped it with this dressing (with a little added honey to counterbalance the spicy greens). 

it's been such a busy week that i have been eating junk (chinese food one night, grilled cheese and fries another, nothing last night), and this was a nice antidote.


on a side note, i went to my first apr graduation last night.  this was my fifth year at the academy of the pacific rim, and so my first eighth grade class was graduating high school.  it was a really moving ceremony, and i am really proud of them!

class of 2012!


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