"art class"

i met dan and sarah when i was in the 10th grade and very shy.  we sat with becky at the same art table all through high school.  they broke me out of my shell.  we would laugh until i would roll on the ground and get in trouble.  we've stayed in touch over the years, and i love them both so much!

dan set up a little art class for us when i was in town (he has several businesses now, from culinary arts classes to real estate).

1996 - sarah b. laughing on the floor
1997 - artworks - my first paid art gig -
we did it together
2012 - dan set up a cute art table in his downtown storefront

my little painting


  1. that picture of when sarah fell and bumped her head is soooo funny ;) ha ha gets me laughin everytime!


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