happy labor day!

labor day signifies the end of summer to me.  a day to rest and bbq (dave is making his delicious seitan bbq for a potluck later), and gear up for the school year ahead.

a few photos to say goodbye to summer:


  1. Hello, Sarah! What beach is that with the sneakers? I like the dune!
    I took a picture of flowers just like the ones you have here with the butterfly! They're so awesomely geometric!
    I hope that leaving school at 4:30 means you are doing less schoolwork at home. Whatever your better work-life balance is, please post about that, too! I'm going over to Stacy's in a few minutes to do schoolwork next to each other all day. Beginning of school is different, though, I guess. Good luck to all of us! :)

  2. hi holly! the beach is in wellfleet: http://cafedish.blogspot.com/2012/08/mini-beach-challenge-marconi-beach.html

  3. good luck to all teachers! work/life balance is tough!


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